2010 Hiroshi Yamada, Spirit of Japan Party

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Hiroshi Yamada, the president of The Spirit of Japan Party (Nippon Soshinto), a right Wing/Nationalist political party campaigning in Tokyo for the 2010 Upper House elections.%0AHiroshi Yamada was the mayor of Tokyo's Suginami Ward before stepping down after eleven years to run in the House of Councillors election in the Tokyo district. His party has ties with the right-wing Shinzo Abe-led bipartisan group of lawmakers, "Sosei-Nippon," and the Sunrise Party of Japan, led by Takeo Hiranuma. Recently (2012) he has disbanded the Spirit of Japan Party to join the Japanese Restoration Party formed by Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto and Shintaro Ishihara the ex-governor of Tokyo.
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