2011 March 11th earthquake effects on Tokyo

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A 2:46 on March 11th 2011 a magnitude 9 earthquake struck just off the north east Coast of Japan. A short while later a massive tsunami, reaching up to 40 metres high in places, obliterated the Tohoku coast, destroying towns and villages as far as 10 kilometres inland and killing over 16,000 people. The tsunami also knocked out the power at Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant causing explosions and a melt-down. In Tokyo large tremors were felt and there was some damage to buildings. That evening many people spent the night sleeping rough in any available floor or walking long distances home as the rail system stopped. Phone networks were overloaded with people calling to check on family and friends. In the days that followed, as the true scale of the disaster came apparent, especially the dangerous conditions in the damaged Fukushima reactors, some people fled west to nominally safer cities or left the country altogether. Other stayed, despite food and power shortages, and tried to carry on as normal. A few set out to help the people affected by this tragedy by collecting money, clothes and food and volunteering.
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