2011 November Anti-nuclear mother's protest

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Beginning on October 27th 2011 with mothers from Fukushima camping outside the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to protest the ministries actions regarding the problems at Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant, the protest attracted women from all over Japan. The national mother's protest against nuclear power officially began on October 30th and ran to November 5th. Around 300 women and men arrived to sit outside the METI government building to voice their protest against nuclear power, the Ministry's handling of the contamination issues resulting from the Fukushima disaster and recent plans by the Japanese government to off load potentially contaminated food products from Fukushima as food aid to developing countries. Some came everyday some just for the day which lasted from 9am to 6pm and other lending support even just for an hour or so.
Representatives from the protest and Friends of the Earth presented petitions and outline their demands in meetings with officials from the Japanese Cabinet Office, The Ministry of the Economy, Trade and Industry and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on November 4th 2011. Tokyo, Japan
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