2011 Peace Boat Volunteers in Ishinomaki

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Peace Boat volunteers working on the clean-up mission in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture in Japan on May 6th 2011. Peace Boat is a Japan-based non-profit and non-governmental organization that was founded in 1983 to promote peace, human rights and sustainable development around the world. Since the Tohoku earthquake on March 11th 2011 the organization has run relief efforts to the town of Ishinomaki, and others along the coast, aiming to provide food and other items useful to those affected and also actively removing the mud and damage left by the earthquake and tsunami. The Golden Week holidays at the beginning of May 2011 saw around 350 volunteers head north from Tokyo with the organization, Including 41 foreigners, all of whom mucked-in to assist in the town's recovery. Unfortunately as the tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami begin to disappear from the news media future missions are finding a lack of volunteers. The people of Ishinomaki are very thankful for the efforts of those that do come however. Ishinomaki, Japan May 6th 2011
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