2014 Hosei University Demo

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Demonstration by left wing student groups: Zengakuren (the All-Japan Federation of Students’ Self-Government Associations) and Bunka Renmei (Culture League) which is an unofficial Hosei student group, outside Hosei University campus. Friday April 25th 2014. About 60 people took part in the demo and following protest march calling on the university to apologise and reinstate students that had been excluded for taking part in political activism on campus.
Four Hosei students, who are members of the above groups along with another student activist from outside, were recently cleared in court of vandalism and acts of violence. These charges were brought by the university when the students took part in political activities on campus, The five students were detained for 8 months while a case was built against them, They refused to speak to the police for all this time and the lack of a confession or any solid, conclusive evidence of their crimes meant the court could not convict them. This has renewed the students' efforts to fight for their right to attend classes again.
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