2014 Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe electioneering.

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Japanese Prime Minster, Shinzo Abe, seen here electioneering in Urawa, Saitama two days before the Lower House general election in Japan. Abe is the right-wing leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and called a snap election for December 14th, predominantly as a referendum on his economic policies, dubbed Abernomics, which are designed to get Japan out of it two decode long slump. Only half-way through his term as premier the reason for the election are seen by many as unclear, though it is commonly thought that four more years of leadership will allow him not only to extend the influence of Abenomics, and hopefully improve the Japanese economy, but also that linking another mandate from the population to these broadly supported policies will permit the implementation of more hawkish security and diplomatic policies that are his personal aims.
The results of the election gave Abe and his junior coalition partners, Komeito, a two-thirds majority in the Lower House. But voter turn-out was the lowest on record and many right-wing parties and candidates who would have supported Abe's more controversial constitutional changes did badly in the election.
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