2015 Apple Watch Launch Tokyo

18 images Created 24 Apr 2015

The long awaited smart watch by Apple went on sale worldwide on April 24th 2015. Only nine countries will sell the high-tech watches and due to its location in the far east Japan was one of the first places on the planet where people could purchase them.
The watch are not being sold only as tech devices and Apple are trying to compete head to head with other luxury brand timepieces. A special Apple watch store was opened in the upmarket Isetan Department store in Shinjuku. There were not the long lines of people waiting for the products that greet the launches of new iphones or ipads. most browsers had to book a fifteen minute trail with the device and many others, who had pre-ordered the watches will have them delivered. In the Softbank store in Omotesando watches were available for walk in customers and there was something of the "special event" feeling a new product launch by Apple usually generates.
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