2015 Japanese Hostage Crisis in Syria

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Freelance journalist Kenji Goto and security consultant, Haruna Yukawa were kidnapped my ISIS (Islamic State) militants in Syria in 2014. In a video released by the group on Tuesday, January 20th, they threaten to murder the hostages unless a $200 million ransom was paid in 72 hours. This amount matched the pledge of non-military assistance Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe had made, on a Middle East tour, for countries fighting ISIS. The deadline for the ransom to be paid was Friday afternoon at 2:50 pm. Japanese people are reportedly lacking sympathy for the hostages who travelled to the war zone independently and against government advise.
Reports on Saturday January 24th suggested that Yukawa had been beheaded and the demands for Goto's release had been changed to a prisoner swap.
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