2015 Minero Farm. Fukushima

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Minero Farm near Koriyama in Fukushima is run by the NPO, Fukushima Agricultural Revitalization Network (FAR-Net) Following the March 11th 2011 earthquake and tsunami which damaged the Fukushima Daich nuclear power plant large areas of the prefecture were contaminated with radioactivity and the local farming industry was seriously affected. FAR-Net are trying to keep alive the dairy farming traditions in the area which was one of the most damaged industries. Through the opening up of this Minero farm, and others, the NPO has given new jobs to farmers that lost their lively hoods in the disaster and aims to revitalise the industry by updating it, making it more ecological and by educating non-farmers and those that might be interested in it as a career. Milk and cattle, along with feeds, is monitored and sold to companies like Rakuou Milk Products in Koriyama where it is processed into products that despite the stated low risk of radioactive contamination can still find it hard to find customers.
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