2017 May Day Rally inTokyo

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The 88th International Workers` Day Rally took place on Monday May First in Tokyo. The Rally started at 9am with speeches on a stage in Yoyogi park near Shibuya. At 12:30 the leader of the Japanese Communist party, Shii Kazuo led the march out into Tokyo. Organisers said 35,000 people took part in the rally calling for an end to long working hours in Japan (caused by some high profile cases of Karoshi, or death from overwork) and other labour issues such as a better minimum wage and job security. Protesters also voiced their displeasure with the government of Shinzo Abe on many of the usual left wing demands like an end to nuclear power and weapons, the continued integrity of the "Peace Constitution" by keeping Article 9 as it is and the demand that US forces be removed from Japanese territory.
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