2021 Hanami Restrictions During COVID-19

12 images Created 5 Apr 2021

Fences and signs are put out in Yoyogi park in Central Tokyo in an effort to stop people enjoying Hanami parties under the cherry blossom or Sakura. The Cherry blossom arrived a little early this year due to an unexpectedly warm winter and coincided almost with the lifting of the state of emergency put in place to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. Traditional cherry blossom viewing or hanami parties usually take place under the blossoms each spring when people get together to drink and socialise. The Tokyo authorities fearing these would lead to sharp increases in infection rates closed most of the usual areas, like Yoyogi Park and Ueno Park to revellers. many people still managed to get enjoy walking around looking at the sakura flowers and even have small hanami parties in areas that were not fenced off or otherwise restricted.
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