2021 Vincent Fichot's Hunger Strike

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Frenchman, Vincent Fichot began a hunger strike on July 10th 2021 to protest parental child abduction issues in Japan. Vincent's two children were abducted by his ex-wife in 2018 and he hasn't seen them since. He took the drastic step of starting a hunger strike after exhausting all legal avenues to gain access to his children. In Japan joint custody of children when a marriage breaks down is not recognised and sole custody is usually given to the parent the child is living with at the time a court decision is made. This has led to many cases of parents abducting their children and refusing custody negotiations and even visit rights to the other parent who have very little course to challenge the situation through the legal system. Vincent has had to sell his house and give up work to make child maintenance payments and says he has nothing left to lose. He hopes to pressure French President, Emmanuel Macron to raise the issue of Japan's unfair custody laws with the Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga when he attends the Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony.
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