Mac Akasaka, Japan Smile Party

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Politician and entertainer, Makoto Tonami, also known as Mac Akasaka, of the Japan Smile Party has run for various political offices over the last few years including the Governor of Tokyo in 2007 and 2012 and the Governor of Osaka Prefecture in 2011. Well known on for his flamboyant and colourful election speeches, which are often given in costume, and also for his impromptu "concerts" in public areas such as Shibuya's Hachiko Square his policies are broadly right-wing and he labels his party's ambitions as something similar to the US Tea Party movement though he hopes to make Japanese politics more light-hearted and fun, bringing a smile to Japanese people's faces thus making them and the country happier.
Makoto Tonami also manages the Smile Therapy Association in Akasaka, Tokyo. Despite sexual assault allegations and other scandals, and after many years of campaigning, Mac Akasaka was successfully elected to a seat on he Minato Ward Assembly during the 2019 local elections.
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