Sugamo, Old Lady town in Tokyo

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Sugamo in Toshima,Tokyo is more commonly known as the Harajuku of Old Ladies. Harajuku is one of the youth fashion Meccas of japan capital city and caters for all the needs a dedicated follower of alternative fashions could need. Sugamo does the same for Tokyo's increasing population of older people. The latest fashions in walking sticks or comfortable shoes are sold in shops along its famed Jizo Dori shopping street along with fashions for the discerning older woman including icon red underwear that is meant to bring the wearer health and vitality. the aches and pains of aging can also be lessened at the Togan-ji temple where rubbing the Arai Kannon statue is said to cure sickness and medical problems in the corresponding area of the body. Despite Japanese women already having one of the longest life expectancies in the world there are numerous such aids to healthy aging (both spiritual and medicinal) available in the areas especially on the festival days that mark the 4th, 14th and 24th of each month when crowds of Tokyo's older people gather in Sugamo.
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