Tourism in Japan

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Tourism to Japan has ballooned recently. The country was visited by 19.73 million international tourists in 2015 (an increase of 30% on the previous year) and 2016 is promising to be a record breaking year also. The majority of tourists are from other Asian countries; predominantly China, Taiwan and South Korea though the is also increasing in popularity with American, Australians and Europeans. Nearly 5 million Chinese tourists visited Japan in 2015 and are known for their voracious shopping tours, During the 2015 spring Golden Week holiday alone around 400,000 Chinese tourists spent an estimated $830 million US Dollars in just seven days. A weaker Yen and eased restrictions on visa entry helped facilitate this and led to the phrase "bakugai" or "explosive buying" entering the Japan vocabulary.
Japan is home to 19 World Heritage Sites and fantastic culture in both urban and rural areas. The Japanese government aims to increase tourism to 40 million a year by the time of the Tokyo Olympic in 2020 and is trying to improve infrastructure and amenities for visitors . This target is constantly being revised upwards.
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