Tsushima Village. Radioactive ghost Village in Fukushima

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Tsushima is a rural hamlet in Fukushima. Japan that stands right under the North West plume of radioactivity that has been emanating from the Fukushima Daichi powerplant since it was damaged in the March 11th 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Many people from the coast were initially evacuated to the village until it was discovered that radiation levels were actually higher here than many of the towns and villages, closer to the damaged plant. The whole place was evacuated and abandoned on or around March 15th. Now the area under the plume has been sealed and shut even though it is outside the original 20 kilometre exclusion zone set up around Fukushima Daichi in the summer of 2011. People will not be allowed to live or even visit the area again. On the other-hand some of the areas in the original 20 kms exclusion zone have been opened up for residents to return and check on houses and belongings. It is unlikely that the barriers across all the roads that lead to the once lovely Tsushima Village will be be removed anytime soon however
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