Yasukuni End of War Celebrations at Yasukuni Shrine

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The Pacific war with Japan finished on August 15th 1945. This event is celebrated on that day every year in Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni Shrine. Located in central Tokyo's Chiyoda ward this shrine is a private entity and not state funded. This allows it to honour the dead of Japan's wars, including 14 Class A war criminals whose spirits were enshrined there in 1978. There enshrinement has caused strained relations with Jaopan's Asian neighbours, many of whom suffered badly at the hands of the Japanese military occupying their countries in the 1930s and 1940s.
Though nominally a celebration of peace August the 15th is also a day when right-wing supporters and nationalist groups like the para-military uyoku dantai converge on the shrine to show their love of Japan and its imperial past. Peace groups are also attracted to the shrine and thousands of police in riot gear are needed to keep the angry groups apart. Tokyo, Japan August 15th
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